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Life Insurance

We have been providing life insurance since the start of our company and we have built invaluable expertise in the field. Below we list the respective services we provide:

AN Insurances Brokerage
Unit Linked

A combination of investment and life insurance. It gives you the opportunity to invest in well-known funds such as Pimco and Vanguard while it offers you life insurance coverage.

AN Insurances Brokerage
Term Life Insurance

It offers a life insurance coverage for a pre-determined period of time. The insurance premium of this product remains constant from the induction date until the expiration date of the policy. A term policy is not a whole life policy.

AN Insurances Brokerage
Decreasing Life Insurance

It is a product which is designed for loans. The sum assured decreases in parallel to the balance due of the loan. The above is taken into consideration when calculating the insurance cost, which stays low and constant throughout the period of insurance.

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