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Liability Insurance

As of 2017, our company started exploring the market of liability insurances in the corporate environment. Below we list the respective services we provide:

Corporate Health & Life Insurances
Employers Liabilty

(Compulsory Insurance) Act 1997

The act requires all employers to have minimum cover of employers' liability insurance. Omissions of the act would result in penalties for each day of being uninsured. It compensates the insured employer for any expenses which are related to employees' death, bodily or physical injury and that took place during their course of employment.

Corporate Health & Life Insurances
Public Liability

In the circumstance where a third party (trespasser or visitor) suffers death, bodily or physical injury in the premises owned by the insured, the insurer would be liable to compensate for any expenses occurred. 

Corporate Health & Life Insurances
Professional Indemnity

In the circumstance that a professional duty and/or negligence is breached; which resulted from the insured's  professional advice towards a third party, the insurer will offer financial protection. Legal expenses would also be covered in the case that a lawsuit is filed from the third party against the insured. 

Corporate Health & Life Insurances
Directors & Officers (D&O)

The insurer will cover any wrongful acts, which are committed by either the Directors or Officers of the insured company, with the purpose of minimizing the risk of bankruptcy in the case that a lawsuit is filed against them. 

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