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Corporate Health & Life Insurance

As brokers, we can conduct a market analysis from both the local and international market and demonstrate the premiums and terms which are available for each client. We can use our negotiating power for securing the best ‘value-for-money’ premiums possible for our corporate clients.

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Advantages of Having International Healthcare and Life Plans – Advancement of Employee Benefits for your Large Organisation

We can offer international plans from international insurance providers for all the employees of a company, regardless of their residing location. We can offer an international product with significantly higher benefits and very competitive premiums, when compared to the local market. The underwriting type of such products would be MHD (medical history disregarded), which means that all previous health conditions will be covered in full for every member who is enrolled under the plan.

Moreover, if a corporate client has offices in other regions as well, we can add the employees of those offices to the same master plan, for benefiting from:

  • reduced rates due to the larger number of members (benefiting from law of large numbers)

  • increased efficiency as all plans from all different locations would be administered through one point of contact (i.e., our brokerage)

  • higher negotiating power with renewal terms, as the volume of the business will be much higher, and the insurer won’t sacrifice to lose you as a client

We have entered the Forex and shipping industry in Cyprus, and we have well-established healthcare and life contracts with several large corporations, both in Cyprus and abroad.

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