Having launched our company 7 years ago, we have gradually developed a portfolio around four insurance areas. In each of these areas, we have always put first our personal interest into the needs of each client that composes our portfolio, making their insurance needs our number one priority. 

Young Family
Life Insurance

We have been providing life insurance since the start of our company and we have built invaluable expertise in the field. Our portfolio today is worth €1,200,000 composed of 500 clients.

Assisting the Elder
Medical Insurance

Placing our customers first, our medical insurance services  are the forefront of what we stand as a firm. We are next to our clients whenever they need us the most. As such, our medical insurance portfolio is today worth €700,000 composed by a total of 120 both personal and corporate clients.

Female Developers
Liability Insurance

As of 2017, our company started exploring the market of liability insurances in the corporate environment. Today, our liability insurance portfolio is composed by 15 corporate clients.

Industrial Design Car Sketch
General Insurance

In parallel to our expertise in Life and Medical insurance, we decided in 2017 to invest and expand into general insurances in which we have been gradually building our portfolio, which is worth today €60,000. Our expansion into general insurances has been made possible through the trust we have built with our clients over the years through all Life, Medical and Liability insurances.